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What are Output Styles?

EndNote's Output Styles allow you to format your Word document in a variety of bibliographic styles. Currently there are over 5,000 styles to choose from. A few of the most popular styles are American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), JAMA/American Medical Association (AMA), and Vancouver. In Cite WhileYou Write (CWYW), the EndNote feature that allows you to insert and format citations in Microsoft Word, your references will be formatted in whatever output style you select. Learn more on the output styles page of this guide.

What are Journal Term Lists

Journal Term List is a file that contains a list of full journal titles and their corresponding abbreviations. EndNote can use this list to identify journals and abbreviations and display either the full title or abbreviation when you insert references into Word. Whether a full title or abbreviation is displayed is dictated by a setting in the given output style. So for example, the APA 6th output style is set to show the full journal title in formatted citations. However, sometimes references imported to EndNote from a database only include journal abbreviations. Having a journal terms list allows EndNote to recognize certain journal abbreviations and automatically change them to display as full journal titles in Word. Learn more on the Journal Term List page of this guide.

This page is copied with permission from the EndNote Guide from Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences,The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

What are Import Filters?

If you import citations from a text file you must select the appropriate Import Filter. Filters are files that allow you to import references saved from databases that do not have an automatic export feature.  By selecting the correct filter, EndNote will transfer the information into the appropriate field in the EndNote record.

Import is the function, filters allow you to do it.

EndNote provides hundreds of Import Filters for a variety of databases and automatically stores the 100 most popular filters as individual files in the Filters folder in your EndNote program folder.

Last Updated: Feb 1, 2024 3:54 PM