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How to create an MLA Annotated Bibliography

Overview of Editing an Output Style

The box below shows an example of how to edit an output style (i.e., a citation style) to include an annotation for purposes of creating an annotated bibliography. It is recommended to have a basic understanding of how to edit an output style before proceeding, so refer to the link below on editing an output style. It will make the process of creating an annotated bibliography easier!

Changing the Layout to Add an Annotation to the MLA Output Style

By modifying an established output style (i.e., the citation style), you can display additional parts of the record to create an annotated bibliography. The easiest way to do this is to create a modified version of the output style, which includes the field in which you write the annotation. For this example, we will use MLA.

Before you begin this project, you must decide which EndNote field you will use to store your annotations. For this example, I used the Research Notes field. 

Make sure that MLA is the current output format [it should be displayed in the output window].

  • To make sure MLA is the current output style:
    • Open the Style Manager by selecting Tools --> Output Style --> Open Style Manager
    • Select MLA 8th then click Edit.
  • After the style window opens, select Layout [listed under Bibliography]
  • Click in the text box below the End each reference with section, and select click on the Insert Field button
  • Select End of Paragraph [which will begin the annotation on a new line]
  • Place the cursor under the ¶ symbol
  • Select the "Insert Field" button and select Tab
  • Type in "Research Notes" [or the name of the field that you are using to hold your annotation]
  • NOTE: Save the output style under a new name by going to File --> Save As and naming something like MLA 8th Annotated. This is so you do not amend the standard MLA 8th output style.

Last Updated: Jul 9, 2024 2:22 PM