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How to download citations

What is a Filter?

Filters are files that allow you to import references saved from databases that do not have an automatic export feature.  By selecting the correct filter, EndNote will transfer the information into the appropriate field in the EndNote record.

Import is the function, filters allow you to do it.

Finding Import Filters

If the filter for your favorite database does not appear, download it from EndNote.

Using Import Filters (for files that don't export automatically)

Not all databases offer the direct export option. For those that don't you can use EndNote's import filters to transfer the reference data into your EndNote library. Here's how:

  1. Save the results you wish to keep in a text file
  2. From EndNote's File menu, choose Import
  3. Select the text file that contains your saved results
  4. From the Import Options menu, select Other Filters
  5. Select the filter that corresponds to the database your results came from
  6. Click the Import button
    import dialog
    If what you are looking for is not on any of the lists, you can go to the EndNote Import Filter site, to find the correct filter.

Here are some instructions for X3, old, but you should get the idea of what to do. Click here for more detailed instructionsInstalling EncNote X3 Import Filter Download Instructions.

Last Updated: Jun 6, 2024 9:36 AM