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Creating Stand-Alone Bibliographies (i.e., Without Using Cite While You Write)

Create a Bibliograpy in Word:

  1. Highlight the references you want to include in your bibliography
  2. Be sure to have selected the appropriate output (bibliographic) style
  3. Select the Edit menu [from the main menu bar]
  4. Select Copy Formatted
  5. Paste them into your document
  6. NOTE: If the Copy Formatted tool doesn't seem to work, you will need to use the CWYW feature from word, and adapt the bibliography.

Create a Separate File:

  1. Highlight the references you want to include in your bibliography
  2. Select the appropriate output (bibliographic) style.
  3. Select the File menu [from the main menu bar]
  4. Select Export...
  5. Select where you want to save the file.
  6. Select the file type,  usually .rtf
  7. Make sure the Export Selected References box is checked.
  8. Name the file and click Save.

In your Word document open the file from where you saved it.

CWYW - Inserting In-text Citations & Building Reference List in Word Documents (Cite While You Write)

Starting with Word:

  1. Be sure to open and minimize EndNote
  2. Place your cursor in your Word document exactly where you want the in-text citation to appear
  3. Click on the EndNote X9 or EndNote 20 ribbon in the toolbar
  4. Choose your Style
  5. Click the Insert Citation button on the EndNote toolbar in Word
  6. From within EndNote enter a keyword to locate your citation
  7. Click Insert

EndNote toolbar (appears in Word)

Starting with EndNote:

  1. Open and minimize Word
  2. Highlight the reference(s) you want to insert into Word
  3. Be sure the Style you want is highlighted [find it in the Output Style box near the frequently used icons]
  4. Select  Insert Citation from the toolbar
Last Updated: Jun 6, 2024 9:36 AM