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GPHD 155: Graphic Design Systems II

IBISWorld: Industry Information

IBISWorld will be useful for getting information about the market of specific institution types, and may have details about select institutions. Start your search with an institution TYPE (such as "museum"), as these are the reports that this resource provides (typing in the name, such as "Museum of Modern Art," will retrieve the Museums in the U.S. category anyway). 

Use the navigation on the left to move throughout the report. Some highlights on what you can find in select sections:

  • Industry at a Glance: Stats regarding growth, revenue, external drivers, employment; Key trends in this industry
  • Industry Performance: Details about what is affecting the performance of those in this industry, such as funding, customer behavior, economic conditions, COVID, etc.
  • Products & Markets: Variety of institution types; Demand determinants (what affects the demand for their services); Details about revenue (where their funding comes from); Concentration in different parts of the U.S. (Southeast vs. Mid-Atlantic vs. West)
  • Competitive Landscape: Cost structures (profit, wages, depreciation, etc.); Competition (both internal and external), globalization

Gale Business Insights: Company Histories

Using the "Companies" drop down menu, click on "Company Histories." Then use the search bar on the left side to search either the name or a type of institution (such as "museum"). 


Last Updated: Jul 11, 2024 4:02 PM