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GPHD 155: Graphic Design Systems II


When you do a search for an institution type or industry (e.g., "museum") you will see a variety of results:

  • Dossiers (orange): a report you can download containing a range of statistics and facts, including an industry overview figures on funding, attendance, opinions, etc.
  • Topic pages (red): similar info as the dossier, but laid out in a webpage with easily accessible links to statistics by topic
  • Individual statistics (blue): these are more specific as they only provide info on one particular aspect of an industry or company (e.g. "Operating expenses of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2018-2021")


When you search for a specific company or institution, your results will primarily show individual statistics, and include other institutions similar to yours.


You can also search a more specific aspect of your institution (for example, by combining it with keywords like "visitors" or "revenue").

Intellect for Company Information

Search this resource to see if they have a report on your institution. You can type in the name, or just the type and see what results they show (as seen below when "Zoo" was typed in. Note: a space after the last "O" got rid of the "Zoom" results). 


The information is a bit limited, but it shows a company overview, financial details, surrounding companies and a competitor list.

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2024 4:02 PM