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Digital Humanities

What is digital humanities?

There is a plethora of attempts to define what we mean by digital humanities. 

Digital humanities (DH) is an area of scholarly activity at the intersection of computing or digital technologies and the disciplines of the  humanities. It includes the systematic use of digital resources in the humanities, as well as the analysis of their application. DH can be defined  as new ways of doing scholarship that involve collaborative, transdisciplinary, and computationally engaged research, teaching, and publishing. It brings digital tools and methods to the study of the humanities with the recognition that the printed word is no longer the main  medium for knowledge production and distribution.  Digital humanities - Wikipedia

Defined succinctly, “digital humanities” involves the application of computational techniques to traditional humanities problems, both as a scholarly practice and as the study thereof. “Digital humanities” thus describes both a technology-empowered methodological approach (or approaches) and a self-reflective critical component. Nevertheless, the precise meaning of the term has proven unstable and subject to debate since it supplanted the earlier label, “humanities computing,” shortly after the millennium. This instability is partly the result of technological  shifts as visualization, immersive virtual reality, social media, 3-D modeling, online gaming, and machine learning have opened new vistas for  researching, exploring, curating, presenting, and understanding objects, the archive, and the human condition. However, much debate and redefinition has occurred as a conscious academic strategy, as digital humanists have sought to emphasize that digital scholarship in the humanities now involves far more than opening up archives and texts to computational analysis through digitization.
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"The digital humanities, also known as humanities computing, is a field of study, research, teaching, and invention concerned with the intersection of computing and the disciplines of the humanities. It is methodological by nature and interdisciplinary in scope. It involves investigation, analysis, synthesis and presentation of information in electronic form. It studies how these media affect the disciplines in which they are used, and what these disciplines have to contribute to our knowledge of computing." 
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