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Teaching Resources for the K-12 Classroom

This guide is for those interested in education, both in research and practice.


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Briana Zaragoza


This guide is a compilation of resources for faculty and students within the College of Education, specifically those interested in lesson plans and other classroom resources for students in K-12; as well as for current K-12 teachers. 

The tabs on your left organize these resources by subject. Visit the "Interdisciplinary Resources" tab first, to see resources that encompass all subjects. These resources consists of recommended Databases, Lesson Plans, Videos, Websites and CA State Framework Standards. 

Below, is a brief overview of the "Special Collections for Teachers" housed in the library as well as a link to the library's A-Z Databases Homepage. View the tab with the same name (Special Collections for Teachers) for more information on these collections. 

In the last box, are links to general library information such as hours, reference services and how-to questions.


Library Special Collections for Teachers

The CSUS Library maintains three Special Collections that are of interest to Teachers.

1. Learning Resources Display Center (LRDC)

2. K-12 Curriculum Guides

3. Juvenile Literature Collection (Picture Books, Easy Readers, Fiction & Non-Fiction)

These collections are located on Library Floor 2 South. To learn more about these collections select the "Special Collections for Teachers" tab on the left. 

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2022 1:45 PM