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Geography, Maps and Atlases

Atlases and Atlase Collections in the Library

The Library's Atlas Collection includes over 1,500 atlases. All are cataloged and can be found using OneSearch, the Library's online catalog. Atlase collections are located on 2 NORTH. The Library also has atlases available in other collections such at Quartos, Government Documents, Curriculum Collections, and in the circulation collections on every floor.

Instructions for locating atlases using OneSearch are shown in the box to the right.

Using OneSearch to find Atlases

  • Begin searching for cataloged maps using the OneSearch Advanced Search Screen.
  • Type in your topic after the word 'contains' (Argentina, oceans, europe and war, middle ages, etc.) then click SEARCH
  • After the results are displayed; use RESOURCE TYPE (found in left column) and limit to ATLASES

Browse the Atlas Collection

Atlases are arranged by the following classification scheme in teh Atlas bookcases found on 2 NORTH.

G 1000
G 1001-1046
G 1050-1052
G 1100-1779
G 1105-1694
G 1110-1114
G 1115-1193
G 1200-1534
G 1535- 1694
G 1700-1779
Atlases of the Moon/planets
World atlases (general
Northern/Southern Hemispheres
Western Hemisphers
North America
United States
Centeral/Latin America
South America
G 1780-2799
G 1791-2193
G 2200-2444
G 2445-2739
G 2740-2799
G 2800-3064
G 3100-3102
G 3122
G 3160-3182
G 3190-9980
Eastern Hemisphere
Europe/Former USSR