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Geology & Earth Sciences

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The books are shelved by subject according to the Library of Congress classification scheme. Most of the science books are on the 4th floor. The call numbers can be used to browse the shelves. Click the links below to see books on the topics listed. Refine by Topic [in the left column]  to change up your search

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Geology (General)

     65 - 350

   Geology of geographic areas (worldwide)


      United States    

     89 - 90


351 – 399.2


420 - 499


500 - 625

Dynamic and structural geology

521 - 545

Volcanoes and earthquakes

640 - 699


701 – 996.5



Physical geography

400 - 649


651 - 5030

Hydrology: water-snow-ice, natural disasters


Oceanography (3 North)

109 - 149

Chemical oceanography

150 - 181

Physical oceanography

200 - 376

Dynamics of the Ocean: waves, circulation, currents,

1000 - 1023

Marine resources

TC Hydraulic Engineering
TN Mining Engineering
1 - 257 Mining engineering

260 - 580

Economic geology
600 - 799


799.5 - 948

Nonmetallic minerals



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