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Overview of Books in Library

Use OneSearch, the Library's online catalog, to look for books by title, author, subject, or just type in some keywords to get started.

You can also just browse the shelves on your own without looking up a specific book. See the box below called Find Books by Browsing to see various photography subjects and their corresponding number range (each book has its own call number on a label).

Some examples of photography books in our collection - click the links for more information:

Find Books by Browsing

You can browse the shelves to explore our photography collection - most photo books are located on the 4th floor in the TR section.  Below are the major Library of Congress call number ranges for photography:

TR 1 - 1050          Photography

TR 1-127 Photography annuals, directories, exhibitions, history
TR 139-140 Photographer biographies
TR 140-270 Cameras
TR 287-500 Photographic processing, darkroom techniques
TR 504-508 Transparencies, dispositives
TR 510-545 Color photography
TR 550-581 Studio and laboratory
TR 590-620 Lighting
TR 624-835 Applied photography, including artistic , commercial,                                
  medial photography, photocopying process
TR 846-899 Cinematography, motion pictures
TR 925-1050 Photomechanical processes

Photography Books by Subject Term

You can browse books using our online catalog by SUBJECT. Here are some examples of subject headings to use to find both print books and ebooks about photography.


Art and photography

Black-and-white photography

Documentary photography

Photography -  Digital techniques

Photography - History

Photography of plants [or other topics, e.g. sports, etc.]

Photography - Philosophy

Photography - Processing

Photography - Technique

Finding eBooks

When doing a search for books on the library's website, you can limit your results to eBooks by using the options on the left side. Click BOOKS first, then click AVAILABLE ONLINE.

screenshot highlighting the "available online" and "books" filters listed in a onesearch results page


Some examples of eBooks in our collection:

How to Find Books About and By Individual Photographers

An AUTHOR search in the Library catalog for the photographer's name results in books written BY the photographer, e.g. correspondence, diaries, autobiographies and books in which the work of the photographer predominates.

A SUBJECT search in the Library catalog under the artist's name results in books written ABOUT the photographer, e.g. biographies, criticism, books for children about the photographer, fictional accounts (novels). 

A KEYWORD search in the Library catalog under the photographer's name sometimes retrieves books picked up by neither an AUTHOR nor a SUBJECT search, for example, chapter headings or illustration statements which are not indexed as author or subject.

Below are examples of books found using these three search methods:

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