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Interior Architecture

Call Numbers for Browsing

Most books are shelved by subject according to the Library of Congress classification system, and can be found on different floors of the library.

The call number ranges below will help your browse interior design topics; be sure to note which floor you should be on in the chart at the bottom of this box.


NA  1-9428                                    Architecture: history, architectural & period styles, commercial & domestic structures, drawing/rendering
NA  737 Architects & their works
NA  4100-8480  Special classes of buildings
NA  6200 Retail/shops/ corporate/office
NA  7100-7884 Domestic architecture, houses, dwellings
NA  7800 Restaurants
NK  1-9990 Decorative arts
NK  800-2200   Designers & their works
NK  1175-1498 History of design, ornament & decorative art
NK  1700-2195   Interior design & decoration
NK  2190-2192 Church decoration
NK  2195 Hotels, stores, hospitality
NK  2200-2750 Furniture
NK  2775-2898 Rugs & carpets
NK  2975-3049 Tapestries
NK  3175-3296.3 Upholstery; Drapery
NK  3375-3496.3 Wallpapers
NK  8800-9505.5 Textiles
NK  9600-9955 Woodwork
TH  1-9745 Building construction
TH  880 Green/sustainable building & design; sustainable commercial design
TH  2000 Commercial design
TH  7700-7975 Illumination, lighting
TK  4125-4399 Electrical lighting
TT  180-200 Woodworking; Furniture making; Upholstering
TT  300-382.8 Painting; Wood finishing
TT  387-410  Soft home furnishings


 Library Of Congress Call Number        Floor
  A - H   2 SOUTH  
  J - PR 1199   3 NORTH  
  PR 1200 - Z   4 NORTH  

Using Subject Headings

Below are some suggested Library of Congress subject terms to use in a SUBJECT search in the Library catalog (OneSearch). Click on the links below to search books in each subject.



Architectural drawing technique

Decoration and ornament

Interior architecture

Interior decoration

Interior decoration - Environmental aspects 

Interior decoration firms

Interior decoration rendering

Interior decorators 


When doing a search for books on the library's website, you can limit your results to eBooks by using the options on the left side. Click BOOKS first, then click AVAILABLE ONLINE.

screenshot highlighting the "available online" and "books" filters listed in a onesearch results page


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