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Interior Architecture

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The databases below are recommended for finding articles on interior design topics. Click HERE for additional recommendations of databases for Design.


Some specific journal titles you can browse either online or in print, depending on our holdings. If we have online issues, you can click the link to browse the issues in an online database. Otherwise, print issues are located in the 3rd Floor Periodicals (issues older than 1980 located on the Lower Level). 

Journal Name Online In Print
Architect 2006-present  
Architectural Design 2011-present 1976-1995
Architectural Digest 1995-present         1970-2011
Architectural Record 2001-present  
Architecture Record (older issues) 1891-1922  
Architectural Review 2006-present 1955-present
Buildings & Landscapes 2007-present  
Canadian Architect 2002-present  
Contract 2001-present 2000-2009
Design Studies 1995-present  
Domus   1955-1995
Dwell 2003-present 2002-2011
Environmental Design & Construction 2002-present  
Form (create free account to access) 1957-2011  
Future Anterior 2004-present  
Hospitality Design 1993-present  
House Beautiful 1999-present 1923-1994
Interior Design 1998-present 1952-2011
Interiors   1943-2001
Interiors: design, architecture, culture 2010-present  
International Journal of Art & Design Education 1998-present   (w/ 1 year delay)
IS (Interiors & Sources)   2002-present
Journal of Architectural Education 1998-2012  
Journal of Interior Design 2004-present 2002-2009
Lighting Research & Technology 2001-present  
Metropolis 2008-present  
VMSD      1987-2010
Wallpaper Free online  
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