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FASH 137: Clothing, Society and Culture

Online Databases for Background Info

Before you get into more in-depth and detailed research sources, it may be a good idea to get some solid background information on your topic. Use these online encyclopedia resources to search for books and entries on your subject. You can then take some of the information you learn here to search for more specific articles in the databases with scholarly sources (see the Finding Articles tab).

Example searches:

  • japanese textiles
  • reggae and culture

Use OneSearch for Background Info

You can use the library's main search tool, OneSearch, to quickly find background information about the culture you chose. While books can be a good source of in-depth information on your topic, sometimes it's helpful to get a QUICK and SHORT encyclopedia entry - you can then take what you learn and search for more detailed information in articles (see the Finding Articles tab).

The screenshots below show you how to quickly access these encyclopedia entries on a topic. After searching for reggae AND culture (first picture), you can use the filters on the left to limit the results to "Reference Entries." This will show you (as in the second picture) the entries related to reggae in several encyclopedias that cover the topic of culture (notice the variety of encyclopedia titles highlighted in yellow boxes).

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2024 3:58 PM