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FASH 137: Clothing, Society and Culture

Time for a Deeper Search

Now that you have collected some good basic background information about your topic, you can search for more detailed and in-depth research in articles. As opposed to books and encyclopedias, articles will be on more specific aspects of a topic (i.e., more specific aspects of a culture), and have much more in-depth research and analysis. 


For example, below you can see a part of the reference entry for reggae in the Sage International Encyclopedia of Music and Culture. From this short entry, we learn a little more about this topic and can gather keywords that we can then take into article databases, such as:

  • Rastafarianism - the religious tradition associated with this culture
  • specific symbols and aspects of this culture, like dreadlocks and marijuana
  • lower-class urban Afro-Jamaican communities - the community associated with the roots of this culture

Bindler, E. (2019). Reggae. In J. Sturman (Ed.), The SAGE international encyclopedia of music and culture (Vol. 1, pp. 1801-1802). SAGE Publications, Inc.,

Scholarly Sources in the Library

The databases listed here will retrieve articles from various types of formats; some may come from more "popular" sources that cover the current events, trends, and products of the field, while others will contain in-depth research done by scholars. To limit your research to articles in "scholarly" journals, look for the filter, usually on the left side of the screen (they may be labeled "Peer-reviewed" or "Academic Journals.")

Example searches (taking keywords from concepts read about in encyclopedias):

  • japan and embroidery and buddhist
  • Rastafarianism and urban Afro-Jamaican communities


Looking for articles related to certain populations? Try:


Are you researching human attitudes or perceptions? Social issues? Try these:


For articles related to business, marketing, advertising, etc.:


Open-access websites with helpful academic information:


For images:

For more websites that contain images, visit:

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