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Governance at CSUS and CSU

What Is Shared Governance?

"There is no single or generally accepted definition of governance, as it has been described as structures, legal relationships, authority patterns, rights and responsibilities, and decision-making patterns. One commonly given definition of governance is the way that issues affecting the entire institution, or one or more components thereof, are decided. It includes the structure and processes, both formal and informal, of decision-making groups and the relationships between and among these groups and individuals. What distinguishes governance from administrative decisions is that governance tends to be early on in the process and establishes policies. Much of what happens later is administration."
Kezar, A. (2002). Governance and Decision-Making in Colleges and Universities. In J. W. Guthrie (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Education (2nd ed., Vol. 3, pp. 945-949). Macmillan Reference USA.

CSUS Statement on Shared Governance and Consultation
"Shared governance is realized through the process of consultation.  Without established formal consultative processes, university constituencies cannot effectively deal with issues of major concern or develop solutions to major problems."

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