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ANTH 4: Language, Culture, and Critical Thinking (Flamenbaum)

This guide is designed to support Professor Rachel Flamenbaum's ANTH 4: Language, Culture, and Critical Thinking course and the California Living Languages midterm project.

California Living Languages Midterm Project

Welcome! This guide will introduce you to resources that can help you learn more about indigenous languages spoken in California as well as general resources for linguistic anthropology.

Each box on the different pages in this guide will focus on different types of information sources, like scholarly journal articles, news, and online archives. I will highlight in those boxes what types of information those sources can provide to research different aspects of your language, like who speaks the language, where, revitalization efforts, learning the language, dialects, and other questions from your research prompt. 

The Search Strategies page has 2 short videos on general search strategies for OneSearch, the library catalog, and Academic Search Complete, a multi-disciplinary database. While you may not rely only on Academic Search Complete, you can use the search strategies in that video for many different databases!

Questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to me! You can see my profile to the left of this box with a link to my calendar for online scheduling, or you can reach out to me via email at We can consult over email or meet over Zoom or at the library for a research appointment.


OneSearch is the library catalog, containing records to physical books, ebooks, government documents, news, journal articles, and more. While you can treat it as a one-stop resource, that can quickly become a scrolling through a lot of sources, so I recommend using OneSearch primarily to locate relevant books/ebooks. You will likely not need to read the whole book, but can identify relevant chapters that speak to specific parts of your assignment. 

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2024 12:15 PM