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ACT and SAT college entrance exams

About this test

American College Testing Assessment (ACT) and the College Board's SAT exams are widely recognized college entrance exams. Both tests are given several times each year, usually to high school juniors and seniors. Exam scores are often used by colleges and universities in making admission decisions.

These books and web sites are useful tools for preparing to take the math portion of the exams.

ACT and SAT books

11 practice tests for the SAT & PSAT  3 North  LB 2353.57 .A172 2008


Cracking the SAT  2 North Reference LB 2353.57 .C73 2009


Cracking the New SAT 2006  2 North Reference and 3 North LB 2353.57 R63 2006


LD SAT study guide  3 North LB 2353.57 .O83 2009


Math Playbook: A Math Skill Development System For The College Entrance, S.A.T. & A.C.T.  4 North QA 43 M66 1997


SAT 2400   3 North LB 2353.57 .S225 2008


SAT strategies for students with learning disabilities  3 North LB 2353.57 .W475 2008

SAT Math for Dummies, 2012  Online access through OneSearch

Gruber's SAT 2400 Advanced Strategies for the Perfect Score  Online access through OneSearch


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