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FYE Library Tutorials

Descriptions and learning outcomes of the library's online information literacy tutorials created for students in first year seminars.

Library Instruction for First Year Seminars


Library instruction for first year seminars is provided in an online, asynchronous format (with optional in-person workshops available, explained further below). These interactive, online tutorials were created to address the information literacy outcomes for first year seminars in the First Year Experience program, including the skills and knowledge needed to complete The Signature Assignment. They are available in Canvas Commons and when imported, will be integrated with the Canvas gradebook in your course. See "How to Import Tutorials" tab to learn more.



If you would rather provide a link to the tutorial instead of importing into Canvas, use the link provided with the tutorial descriptions in the box below (no integration with Canvas gradebook with this method).

Here are some benefits of the tutorials:

  • They are interactive and give students a chance to practice research techniques, rather than just watch someone demonstrate a website.
  • These tutorials allow students to engage with information literacy concepts in an asynchronous format at their own pace.
  • Many first year seminar faculty are interested in providing students with very basic library service information, and don’t necessarily have a very research-heavy assignment in the course. The tutorials cover basic library services and instructions on using the resources available, and go even further into general information evaluation and details into source types.

If your course includes an assignment that is not covered in these online tutorial options, please reach out to Emily Merrifield at to discuss a unique information literacy session that will cover the objectives of the assignment.

Tutorial Descriptions and Learning Outcomes

The Role of the Library and Finding Information


  • Understand the role of library research tools within the larger information ecosystem.
  • Conduct basic searches in OneSearch and identify credible academic sources on a particular topic.

Introduces students to the role of the library in providing academic sources for their research, illustrates how to get help from librarians, and ends with an interactive OneSearch tutorial that teaches them how to perform searches for a variety of source types.

Canvas gradebook will show whether the student completed the tutorial, and the second part of the tutorial includes activities and questions that are reflected in a personalized Certificate of Completion that the student will download.


Information Evaluation: Online Verification Skills 


  • Identify appropriate criteria to evaluate the credibility and relevance of a source.

Requires students to watch a series of very short videos from Mike Caulfield, the Director of Blended and Networked Learning at Washington State University and the author of the open access book Web Literacy for Student Fact Checkers...And Other People Who Care About Facts. He has developed clear and simple ways to teach students how to fact-check and evaluate the sources of information they find online, and I’ve created activities to allow them to practice these skills.

Activities throughout (ungraded); five-question quiz at the end, 100% required to pass, unlimited attempts allowed.


Information Sources: Identifying What You Need 


  • Distinguish the differences among common types of information sources, and how that will affect the usefulness of the source for specific information needs.

An interactive tutorial that teaches students the more specific differences between popular and scholarly sources, focusing on their purpose and place in the information cycle. It defines the peer-review process and covers why students would use each type of source for different information needs.

Five-question quiz at the end, 100% required to pass, unlimited attempts allowed.

Library Scavenger Hunt

FYE Library Scavenger Hunt

  • This activity guides students throughout service points and locations of the library building (must be completed IN THE LIBRARY).
  • Can be completed on a mobile device. 
  • A personalized score slide is provided for screenshot (if you would like to require the activity as an assignment or extra credit). 

In-Person Workshops

We still want to provide students an opportunity to visit the library, meet and chat with a librarian, and learn about basic services and resources the library provides. We will be hosting several workshops throughout the semester to conduct interactive informational sessions with plenty of time for Q&A. See below for the schedule of workshops currently available, and feel free to promote to students! 

Students are required to register (up to 24 hours in advance) to attend. Registration form available at these links:

Thursday, September 12, 11-11:45am : 

Tuesday, September 24, 3-3:45pm :

Wednesday, October 9, 12-12:45pm : 

Monday, October 21, 2-2:45pm :

Thursday, November 7, 4-4:45pm:

More can be added as needed!

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