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FYE Library Tutorials

How to Import the Tutorials into Canvas

When you are in Canvas, the left side has an option to click on “Commons.” Once there, search the name "Merrifield," and if you click on the FILTER on the top right, you can choose “CSU Sacramento” to limit to tutorials uploaded by Emily Merrifield, Undergraduate Experience Librarian. Four different items are retrieved related to the FYE tutorials: one is a MODULE that includes all three tutorials, plus a message that describes each. The other three on Commons are each tutorial as individual ASSIGNMENTS. (You also have the option to search for the individual tutorials by their title.)

After clicking on an item, choose the "Import/Download" button and choose your appropriate course. The tutorials will show up in the "Assignments" section of your course once you download them, and any quiz elements will be integrated into the Canvas gradebook.


Last Updated: Jul 9, 2024 3:41 PM