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DS 101 - Time Series Data

Financial Statements

US and international companies with publicly traded stock on US stock exchanges are required to file documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These SEC documents are the source for quarterly and annual financial information found in the resources listed below. Note: Companies are not required to specifically disclose advertising expenses.

Stock Prices

These sources have stock prices only for companies with stock that is currently being traded.

Historic Stock Prices

Use these to find the daily stock price for companies that no longer have actively traded stock (e.g. companies that have merged, gone out of business, etc.). Most recent years are located in 2 North Reference. Prior years in Lower Level.

  • Daily Stock Price Record American Stock Exchange - HG 4915 I22
  • Daily Stock Price Record New York Stock Exchange - HG 4915 I23
  • Daily Stock Price Record NASDAQ - HG 4915 I24

Need more company information?

Use the Company Research guide to find tons of additional resources to help you research a company.