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DS 101 - Time Series Data

Just what is "social data?"

Social data is pretty much anything that isn't macroeconomic in nature. Variables can include factors relating to demographics, education, health, weather and beyond!

Sources of Social Data

Each of these resources covers a broad range of topics.

Associations and other sources of social data

A treasure trove of time series data is just waiting to be found online (and in print). But since there is not an easy, centralized place to find this data, the list below includes a selection of my favorite sources.

What can an association do for you?

Trade associations, professional and industry organizations are important sources of information for industry research.  They often collect industry statistics and publish research reports (which may include time series data) on their web sites. 

A good way to find an association or trade group is to read articles which include statistics then google the cited source (i.e. the association) of those statistics!