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Sac State Scholars FAQ

Sac State Scholars FAQ and Information

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Please contact for any questions that are not answered below. The University Library updates these FAQs frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Sac State Scholars?

Sac State Scholars is a tool for celebrating the scholarly and creative achievements of our campus and to help connect our researchers with others. It is a research networking platform where Sac State research, scholarship, creative activities, and teaching and service will be highlighted. Esploro, the software powering Sac State Scholars, auto-populates faculty profiles with little intervention, so that faculty will not have additional workload to manage their profiles.

Faculty should submit this form to get started.

Sac State Scholars also serves as the institutional repository for our campus, replacing our previous institutional repository, ScholarWorks. All items in ScholarWorks have been transferred to Sac State Scholars.

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Who can have a profile?

Tenure-track faculty, part-time lecturers (at least 0.5 FTE) with three-year contracts, and MPPs in Academic Affairs will automatically have a profile in Sac State Scholars. Others with an active research history may request a profile.

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What can be included?

Any item that showcases scholarly or creative work, service, or teaching can be added to a profile. Most file types are supported. Graduate student theses and dissertations are automatically included, but only faculty have researcher profiles. Preprints of articles may be included, but not final published versions under copyright.

See also "Uploading Content to Your Profile."

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Can I edit my own profile?

Absolutely, and we encourage you to! Managing your own profile will allow you to update information, add items, hide items, change your photo, and more. Watch the videos below, or contact to schedule a session with a librarian for personalized training.

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Why is my profile incomplete?

We may not have been able to find enough information about you to get your profile started. Please use this form to answer a few questions and submit your CV.

How is my profile kept up to date?

Once you have sent us your CV, Sac State Scholars will run automated updates ("smart harvests") to pull in new scholarly works. While the algorithm is constantly tweaked, it isn't perfect, and it is better at finding some types of works (e.g. journal articles and book chapters) than others (e.g. creative works). We recognize that some of your works may not come through in the automatic updates. You may either add your own works to your profile using the "Add Content" button (preferred) or email with assets you would like us to add for you. 

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Can I delete or hide an item from my profile?

Yes, we can customize your profile to best reflect your work. We realize you may have older works on your profile that are less relevant, or you may have other reasons to want works removed. You can hide items from your profile, although they will still show up in database searches. Next to the research asset, select "Hide this work" under the more options icon. If you desire a work to be completely deleted from Sac State Scholars, please submit your request through the profile message system: next to the asset select "Message" under the more options icon; please allow a few days for us to review your request. If you are a publisher and believe something is posted that infringes on your copyright, contact with your take-down request.

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How can I fix an error in one of my publication entries?

Next to the research asset, select "Message" under the more options icon (three dots) to send a note to library staff. (Please allow a few days for us to review your request.) 

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Can I add an Open Access full-text version of an article, book chapter, etc.?

Yes. Including an Open Access version is a great way to share your work with the wider world, especially if the final published version is behind a paywall. Next to the research asset, select "Add files and links" under the more options icon. Once the file has been uploaded, select the down arrow to add license information, a file description, and content type. If you have concerns about whether you have the right to upload something, contact and we will do our best to check the copyright status. See also "Uploading Content to Your Profile."

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I'm having trouble uploading a file through my researcher profile.

Try logging out, clearing the cache in your browser, then logging back in.

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I changed my name during my career; can I update the name listed on my citations?

Sac State Scholars is provided for you to present your work across your career. We recognize that people’s names may change during their lives for reasons including marriage, divorce, gender transition, etc. In accordance with Sacramento State’s Preferred Name Policy and in the interest of creating a more trans-inclusive library, we can facilitate name changes in the citations listed on your  profile. It is important to understand that this name change will only affect the display in Sac State Scholars. We cannot change the published version that will be linked to from the citation. If you would prefer, we can also delete citations listed under prior names. If Library staff notices a name discrepancy, we will proactively contact you. However, given our 1,000+ faculty, we can’t guarantee that we will catch all name issues. Please email with any concerns or requests.

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What if I don't want my previous affiliations to show up? 

We included previous affiliations because they help improve the results of the smart harvesting. If you don't want them to appear on your profile, you can hide them by logging in to your profile and hide them, under Edit Profile / Affiliations. 

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Can I choose not to participate in Sac State Scholars?

The Sac State Scholars database is a directory of all tenure-track faculty, three-year lecturers (minimum 0.5 FTE), and MPPs with active publishing histories. We are presenting our faculty and their accomplishments in order to celebrate scholarship and achievements and to connect faculty to their peers, our students, and the community. All faculty will be represented. Should a faculty member refrain from providing an updated CV, the profile will be limited to basic directory information (name, title, email, work phone number) and any publicly available information and citations that library staff or the system discover.

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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2024 4:19 PM