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Research Methods Simplified


Qualitative research---is a broad term covering different research traditions that study the human experience

   -it is subjective

   -observations cannot be described meaningfully numerically

   -typically samples are smaller and less scientifically representative

   -the research attempts to answer the question of how people negotiate the complexities of everyday life or gain insight

   -entails interviews or observations

   -qualitative methods are emphasized in ethnomethodology and ethnography

   -used in attempting to understand peoples' responses and meanings that they bring to experiences 

   -observations, surveys, case studies, biographies, interviews, questionnaires are used to gather data

Types of qualitative research include--

    ethnographical, grounded theory, phenomenological and historical (Burns & Grove, 2003 p.19)

Examples of qualitative research-- PEHL 557 Class Notes

For comparative information on qualitative v.s. quantitative see: The University of Arkansas University Library LibGuides 


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