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Oral History

Oral History Journals & Articles


1. To find a specific print or e-journal by title or ISSN, search the Journal Titles List.

2. When you already know the article author, title, journal, issue, etc., and just need to find the full-text (if available), try the Article Citation Linker!

3. To improve your database search results try using the truncation symbol, often an asterisk "*". So searching photo* will simultaneously search photo, photos, photography, photographic, etc.

Journals in Oral History

Below are journals devoted to the discipline of oral history to which the University Library has access. Additional oral history journal titles can be identified by going to the WorldCat database, and searching this exact phrase between the brackets: ["oral history" periodicals].

Article Databases

To search for oral history as a source material in connection with a research topic (e.g., Vietnam War, immigration), try searching "oral history" (or "oral histor*" in databases that allow truncation, which will search "oral history" and "oral histories" simultaneously) in this selected list of article databases in the social sciences and humanities.

Google Scholar

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