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Graphic Design

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Most books are shelved by subject according to the Library of Congress classification system, and can be found on different floors of the library.

The call number ranges below will help your browse graphic design topics; be sure to note which floor you should be on in the chart at the bottom of this box.


Corporate identity

HF 5800-6161



General art, art history, artists


Commercial art & graphic design

NC 730-825

Technique & drawing

NC 845-915

Materials, including airbrush

NC 950-975

Illustration, including annuals

NC 997-999

GD history & designers

NC 1000-1001.6

Commercial art, promotion

NC 1002-1003

Specific types of advertising art

(brochures, business cards, fliers, logos, menus)

NC 1800-1850

Poster design

NC 1860-1896

Cards, book & CD jackets


Painting (history & technique)


Engraving, prints, letterheads


Design & decorative arts

T 223-305

Logos & trademarks

T 385

Computer graphics

TK 5105.888

Web design

TS 195.4

Package design


Crafts, e.g. origami, paper work


Printing & production, typography

 Library Of Congress Call Number        Floor
  A - H   2 SOUTH  
  J - PR 1199   3 NORTH  
  PR 1200 - Z   4 NORTH  


When doing a search for books on the library's website, you can limit your results to eBooks by using the options on the left side. Click BOOKS first, then click AVAILABLE ONLINE.

screenshot highlighting the "available online" and "books" filters listed in a onesearch results page


Books by Subject

Click on the links below to see books the library has on the following subjects:

(You can also use "Browse Search", and select "Library of Congress Subject Heading" from the drop down menu, to explore more subject headings.)

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