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FSHD 154: Issues in Parenting

Think About Your Keywords

screenshot of the ebsco search interface, showing "cerebral palsy" in the first search box and "parents or parenting or parenthood" in the second search box, both connected by "and"


You will want to consider using different keywords in your searches to find the best sources on your topic:

  • What are synonyms and related words you can include in your search to give yourself more options? (e.g., teenager = adolescent)
  • What terms can you think of that get to a narrower aspect of your topic? (e.g., addiction = alcohol addiction, substance abuse)

You don't have to think of these terms on your own!

  • Simply Googling your topic will show you many different terms to explore, in the titles of the results, the questions provided by Google, related/suggested searches, definitions, etc.
  • Look for a Wikipedia article related to your topic. Tons of related and more specific areas of your topic, organizations involved, related sources and topics, etc.
  • As seen in the image above, the library's research databases can help you with synonyms and related terms. Type the word "OR" after a keyword, and the database will suggest other related keywords (parents or parenting or parenthood). 
Last Updated: Jul 11, 2024 4:01 PM