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FASH 33: Fashion Sustainability, Global Impact, and Critical Thinking

Steps for Research

STEP ONE: Company Information 

Are they public or private? Are they owned by another company or have other brands?

  • Google and Wikipedia are great sources for this!
  • Getting some general information about the company will help you as you continue searching more specific aspects about them.
  • You may be lead to interesting references/articles about the company.


What are they saying about themselves when it comes to this issue?

  • Look on their (or their parent company's) websites for things like "Impact Reports" or reports mentioning ethics, sustainability, etc. (usually at the bottom of the homepage)

  • Google the company name along with the keywords "investor relations" -- there might be a separate website dedicated to this kind of business literature.


STEP TWO: Deeper Research

What have others learned (and shared) about this company and the topic? Can you fact-check what the companies have claimed?


STEP THREE: Cite Your Sources!

Research Tips

Gather keywords and concepts from your initial Google and Wikipedia searches to include when looking for articles. 

Wikipedia pages about the companies have several citations and links to reports and articles that may be useful (search the title in the library if you hit a paywall).


Specific terms to use when looking for articles that discuss your company:

  • corporate social responsibility (remember to include the term "corporate"!)
  • business ethics


Database tools are your friends! Use filters to narrow your results to certain formats, like magazines and newspapers.

  • There are people doing academic, scholarly research on these topics, so many of your initial results will include those long, in-depth research articles. If you want to see more popular resources with shorter formats, use the filters to adjust what you see in your list.

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2024 4:00 PM