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Ecology Format

General Hints

The Literature Cited section (bibliography) is found at the end of your paper and contains the complete reference for each of the in-text citations used in your paper. Generally, a citation includes the author(s), date, title and source of your publication.

  • The entries in the Literature Cited section should be in one alphabetical listing by author
  • Within each entry, list the authors in the order that they appear in the article you read
  • Include as many initials for each author as you find on the first page of the article
  • All words in the journal title should be spelled out completely
  • Only capitalize the first word in the article title as well as proper names
  • Type the title exactly as you see it in the journal article
  • Do not include any informtion about the database that you used to access the article.
  • If the journal is only available online and has no print eqivalent, include a DOI number
  • If there are beween 2 and 12 authors, include all
  • Italicize species names

Change Up: From Article to Lit Cited

Look at the image below to see how a citation is created from an article.

Click on the image to enlarge.

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