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Integrating Library Resources into Canvas

Guide for finding streaming and e-content from the library and linking to that content in Canvas.

Anne Bradley

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Anne Bradley
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Getting started

You may have specific articles or e-books in mind that you wish to have your students access in a given course. You can establish a link in Canvas that will take your students directly to the article or e-book you reference. The most important element to success with this is utilizing an article's permanent link, or permalink. A standard url is likely not to work, especially if the material is accessed off campus.

When you incorporate links to articles and e-books in Canvas. It is critical that you use a permalink instead of a URL.

Permalink: A web address that links directly to a specific page or certain content at a location that is never changed or updated. If you need to access articles located within a database or from another library subscription resource, a permalink is the best option to use. In order for your link to work, the address must begin with the following sequence:

Best Starting Point for finding Permalinks

OneSearch is our most comprehensive source for links to Library subscription content and should be your first choice for obtaining permalinks for the articles and e-books you wish to incorporate into your Canvas course.

Locating permalinks in OneSearch

Step 1: Search for the article or e-book that you wish to embed into your course. Click on the item that you wish to embed into your course.

click title


Step 2: Click the permalink icon at the top of the article or eBook record.

click permalink link


Step 3: Click "Copy the permalink to the clipboard"

copy to clipboard

Now you have obtained the permalink and are ready to insert into the "External Link" resource in Canvas.

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2020 1:06 PM