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A Good Database to Start a Project With - CQ Researcher

Often times, you will be tasked with writing a paper about a controversial topic. Poverty, the prison system, domestic violence, drug legalization, etc. These are all hot topics that are often discussed in college classrooms across the country. When you have to research these topics, but your professor tells you not to use Wikipedia, what can you do? Below are tips on where to go and how to use useful websites that will help you understand and research current issues. 

CQ Research Home Page

Below is a screen shot of the CQ Researcher Home page. Hover over the small circles to learn more about the home page's tools. The boxes below will also go over in more detail how CQ Research works and why it is helpful.

CQ Researcher Detailed Report

You can continue hovering over the small circles to see more detailed information about CQ Researcher's different tools included in its reports.

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2021 12:39 PM