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Environmental Engineering

This guide can be used as a jumping board to resources on energy alternatives and sustainability in engineering.

A Sampling of Library Reference Books for Alternative Energy

Energy Alternatives

This guide can be used to support students enrolled in ME 157 - Solar Energy Engineering.

This course is the in-depth study of the basics of solar engineering, including the nature and availability of solar radiation; operation, theory and performance of solar collectors; energy storage and model of solar systems.

This guide can also be used by engineering students researching topics relating to alternative energy, greener engineering, sustainability in engineering, and other related topics.


These databases are recommended for finding articles, patents and conference papers on topics in energy.

You can search most databases the same way you search a library catalog, by author (last name first), title (journal or article), or, more commonly, by keyword or subject. A keyword search is a broader search; you can type in any word or phrase. A subject search uses controlled vocabulary. In databases, subject headings are often referred to as descriptors or index terms.

You can search for alternative energy sources by using any one of these phrases as key words (some will also be used as subject headings).

  • Alternative energy or Energy alternatives
  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable energy
  • Clean energy
  • Green energy

New Books Focusing on Alternative Energy

Critical reflections on nuclear and renewable energy environmental protection and safety in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear accident

Handbook of Alternative Fuel Technologies

Careers in renewable energy : your world, your future 2 SOUTH HD 9502.5 .C542 M35 2014

Water & wastewater infrastructure : energy efficiency and sustainability 4 NORTH TJ 163.5 .W36 S64 2013

Systems analysis for sustainable engineering: theory and applications 4 NORTH TA 168 .C393 2011

Sustainability in the process industry : integration and optimization 4 NORTH TP 155.7 .S856 2011

Powering the dream : the history and promise of green technology 4 NORTH TJ 808.7 .U6 M33 2011


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