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Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Browse for EEE books in the Reference area on 2 North.  In the same call number areas, look on 4 North for books you can check out.  

Use OneSearch to find books and journals.

Look in the Course Reserves tab in Onesearch for books placed on reserve by your professor.

Start with handbooks and manuals.

Call numbers for Electrical and Electronic Engineering books

Library of Congress (LC) call numbers for EEE books:

Browse in both the 2 North Reference Collection and on 4 North.

Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering. TK

Engineering instruments. TA165

Architecture, Computer. QA76.9 .A73

Handbooks and manuals

Find these titles on 2 North in the Reference Collection unless otherwise noted:


QA 76.9 A73 – Architecture, Computer.
Schaum's Outline of Computer Architecture  4 North QA76.9 A73 C38 2002

T - Engineering
IEEE editorial style manual  T 11 .I57 2007
Illustrated AutoCAD 2005 Quick Reference   T 385 G6922 2005
Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers
   T 11 .S386 2006 

TA 165 – Engineering instruments
Sensors Handbook  TA 165 S729 1999

TK – Electrical Engineering. Electronics.
Comprehensive Dictionary of Electrical Engineering   TK 9 C575 2005
IEEE 100: the Authoritative Dictionary of IEEE Standards Terms
     TK 9 I28 2000
Wiley Electrical and Electronics Dictionary   TK 9 K39 2004

Electrical Engineering Handbook  TK 145 E355 2005
EC&M's Electrical Calculations Handbook  TK 151 P355 2001
Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers  TK 151 S83 2000
MEMS/NEMS: Handbook Techniques and Applications  TK153 446 2006 v.1-5

National Electrical Estimator  TK 435 E56 2002
RS Means Electrical Cost Data   TK 435 M42 2001
Spon's Estimating Costs Guide to Electrical Works   TK 435 S63 2006
Principles of Electronic Materials and Devices  TK453 2001

Electric Motor Handbook  TK 2514 B43 1998

Handbook of Batteries  TK 2901 H36 2002
Handbook of Fuel Cells   TK 2931 H34 2003 v.1-4

Handbook of Practical Electrical Design  TK 3271 M35 1999

Telecommunications Handbook    TK 5101 T355 2000
McGraw-Hill Illustrated Telecom Dictionary   TK 5102 C57 2001
Hargrave's Communications Dictionary   TK 5102 H37 2001
Telecommunications Directory   TK 5102.5 T3965 2007 v.1-2
Handbook of Formulas and Tables for Signal Processing
    TK 5102.9 P677 1999
Fiber Optics Handbook   TK 5103.59 F53 2002
Handbook of Information Security   TK 5105.59 H35 2006 v.1-3
Handbook of Wireless Local Area Networks   TK 5105.78 H38 2005
Dictionary of the Internet    TK 5105.875 I57 I53 2001
Internet Encyclopedia   TK 5105.875 I57 I5466 2004 v.1-3
Web Application Design Handbook   TK 5105.8883 F69 2004

Encyclopedia of Radio   TK 6544 M84 2004 v.1-3
Reference Data for Engineers: Radio, Electronics, Computer, and
    Communications 2002   TK 6552 F4 2002
World Radio TV Handbook 2001   TK 6555 W67
Handbook of Mobile Radio Networks   TK 6570 M6 T33 2000

EEM: Hearst Electronic Products Buyers Guide
Handbook of Thin Film Devices   TK 7871.15 F5 H337 2000 v.1-5
Handbook of Thin Film Deposition   TK 7872.T55 H36 2002
VLSI Handbook    TK 7874.75 V573 2000
Power Electronics Handbook   TK 7881.15 P673 2002
McGraw Hill Dictionary of Electrical and Computer Engineering
     TK 7885 A2 M37 2004

VHDL Reference: a Practical Guide to Computer-Aided Integrated Circuit Design
    including VHDL-AMS  TK 7885.7 V44 2000
Designer's Guide to VHDL  2 NORTH Reference and 4 NORTH TK 7888.3 .A863 2002 ) 

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