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ASA Style Guide

Journal Articles (electronic format)

Articles without a Digital Object Identifier (DOI):

LaFree, Gary and Kriss Drass. 1996. "Effect of Changes in Intraracial Income Inequality and Educational Attainment on Changes in Arrest Rates for African Americans and Whites, 1957-1990." American Sociological Review 61(4). Retrieved July 11, 2014 (

Articles with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI):

Craig, Peter and John Forbes.  2005. "Social Position and Health: Are Old and New Occupational Classifications Interchangeable?" Journal of Biosocial Science

Journal Articles (paper format)

Wiley, Carolyn. 1998. "Reexamining Perceived Ethics Issues and Ethics Roles Among Employment Managers." Journal of Business Ethics 17(2):147-161.

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