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HROB 154 - Strategic HRM

Anne Bradley

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Anne Bradley
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This guide will help you find resources and provide strategies for your client project. Click the tabs to find additional resources. Microsoft Word version of this is also available for download.

If you need additional help with your research, I'm available for consultations just email, call, or schedule an appointment with me!

Anne Bradley

Understand the company's industry

Use these resources to see what the trends and issues are in a particular industry.

Understanding a state agency's external environment

Things to consider when researching the external environment for California State agencies:

  1. Funding - what is the "state" of the California budget?
    1. CA State Budget:
    2. Legislative Analyst's Office analysis of the CA State Budget: and CA Fiscal outlook:
  2. Oversight - are state agencies in compliance with laws and procedures?
    1. California State Auditor - 
    2. Some agencies get in the news -

Additional Sources for Industry Research

Many additional resources for doing industry research are listed on the following guide:

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