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ANTH 146: Ethnographic Analysis (Barata)

This guide is designed to support Dr. Data Barata's ANTH 146: Ethnographic Analysis course.

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Introduction to ANTH 146 Research Guide

This guide is designed to help you navigate resources to locate the required minimum seven external scholarly sources for your ethnographic analysis research essay, where you are writing an essay that ethnographically examines one of the following topics: 

  • The uses and abuses of the culture concept in the real world
  • Identity and contemporary social movements
  • Religion and politics in the contemporary world
  • Indigenous/Native peoples and the struggle for equitable access to resources
  • Peace and war/conflict in the contemporary global context
  • Power, resistance, and social media
  • Ethnographic perspectives on COVID-19 and unequal access to healthcare
  • Aging in different cultural and/or national contexts
  • Analysis of changes and continues in racialized experiences
  • Ethnography of gendered social movements
  • Gender identity and the Native American experience
  • Youth, technology, and activism 

This guide provides help with navigating research using: 

  • The library catalog for monographs (i.e. books), particularly ethnographies
  • Databases for scholarly journal articles in anthropology and other social sciences that may be relevant to your research

Should you have any questions as you research for your term paper in this class, please reach out using the email me or schedule appointment icons in the profile box.

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