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European Politics


This guide will help you find information about European politics.  Click the tabs above to find online and print resources.

If you need additional help with your research, I'm available for consultations. Just email or call me.

Hong Wang

Library Room 2002
Phone: 916-278-6373

Reference Books

    The European political dictionary. ref JN 12 .R65 1985 
    Political and economic encyclopaedia of Western Europe. ref JN 94 .A127 P65 1990
    Western Europe. ref HC 240 .W43 2002 
    European political facts, 1789-1848. JN 10 .C65 
    European political facts, 1848-1918. JN 10 .C66 1978
    European political facts 1918-73. ref JN 12 .C64 1975 
    The map of Europe by treaty ; showing the various political and territorial changes which 
         have taken place since the general peace of 1814
(4 volumes). ref JX 626 1875a
    The great European treaties of the nineteenth century . ref JX 151 .O3 

    Political Parties of Europe (2 volumes). Ref. JF 2011. P595 1983        
    Chronology of 20th-Century Eastern Europe history ref HC 244 .C57 F47     
    The Longman companion to European nationalism, 1789-1920. ref D 359.7. P43 1994  


The following electronic databases index articles in newspapers, magazines and journals, many of which are full-text.
They are available from the Library Homepage by selecting Databases and Periodical Indexes. These databases are
accessible from library Network Stations and from campus computer labs. For connecting to library databases from
off-campus, please read instructions here .  

Academic Search Premier               Country Reports        

JSTOR (All Subjects)                        Social Sciences Full Text

LexisNexis Academic                       Project Muse: Scholarly Journals Online

Proquest Newspapers                     World Almanac (OCLC)         

Historical Abstracts

The following is a list of selected journals available in the library through EUREKA and online.

       Eastern European politics and societies : EEPS (1995-2001, 2004-2005 print)/(2003--current online)
       Transition studies review [electronic resource] (2004--current)
       Asia Europe journal [electronic resource] (2003-current)
       European journal of political economy [electronic resource] 
            (1984-1994 Abstracts, 1995-current Fulltext)
       Journal of southeast European and Black Sea studies (2005-current)

OneSearch /Library Catalog

   OneSearch (located on  the World Wide Web at the Library Homepage) lists books, master’s theses,
government documents, media, etc. that the library owns on all subjects. It also lists which periodicals
the library owns by the name of the periodical. These materials can be searched by author, title, subject,
or keyword. The advanced keyword search helps you limit your search by material type, location, language,
and year of publication, etc. >

Subject terms
         The Library of Congress Subject Headings lists specific subject terms to use in EUREKA. 
     The following is a list of some subject terms useful in searching European politics.
     Europe -- History                  Political culture -- Europe                 Europe Political Parties   
     Europe Politics                    Europe Politics And Government       Europe Western Politics
     Europe Political Science       Europe Democracy                          Europe Eastern Politics


Print Sources

     Periodicals are located in Floor 3 South, shelved alphabetically by title. Volumes published prior to 1980
are shelved on Lower Level. Current newspapers are in 3 South Newsprint until replaced by microfilm in Library
Media Center on Floor 1. The following are the major printed  indexes to periodical articles.

        CSA political science & government (ABC Pol Sci.). Index Area JA 71 .A214 
        PAIS international in print. Index Area HZ 7163 .P94 
        Social Sciences Index. Index Area AI 3 .R494
        Social Sciences Citation Index. Index Area HZ7161.S62
        Peace Research Abstracts Journal. ref JX 1901 .P38

Country Information

Europa World Year book. ref D 2 .E87 (1989-current)
Western Europe. ref HC 240 .W43 2002 
Central and south-eastern Europe. ref HC 244 .A1 C46 2002 
Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia HC 244 .A1 E293 2002
Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States ref HC 244 .E225
The Statesman's year-book  ref JF 37 .S8
Political risk yearbook JX 1252 .P65 2001 Vol. 6 and Vol. 7.
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations
> (Vol. 5) ref G 63 .W67 2001
Culturgrams: the Nations Around Us. ref GT 150 .C85 2000
Countries of the World. ref D 848 .C6 (1980-94)    
(Vol. 5) ref G 63 .W67 2001
Culturgrams: the Nations Around Us. ref GT 150 .C85 2000
Countries of the World. ref D 848 .C6 (1980-94)
Country Reports  (Library database)
Portals to the World



Worldmark encyclopedia of the nations (Vol. 6) ref. G 63 .W67 2001
Founders of modern nations : a biographical dictionary
ref D 226.7 .H36 1995
Heads of state and government
ref JF 37 .D3 2000
Who's who in world politics : from 1860 to the present day
ref. D 21.3 .P35 1996
The International year book and statesmen's who's who
ref JF 37 .I5 (1953-1996)
Kingdoms of Europe : an illustrated encyclopedia of ruling monarchs from ancient 
    times to the present
D 107 .G85 1982
Statesmen who changed the world: a bio-bibliographical dictionary of diplomacy 
ref D 108 .S73 
Modern world rulers : a chronology
ref JF 37 .L35

European Community/EEC

Dictionary of the European Communities. Ref. HC 241.2. P378 1982
European Community Fact Book. ref. HC 241.2. R67 1990.
The European Communities encyclopedia and directory. ref HC 241.2 .E97 1992
The European Community : bibliographic excursions. ref HC 241.2 .E83415 1983 
1992, the single market handbook. ref HC 241.2 .A6167 1990
The economics of European integration : theory, practice, policy. ref HC 241.2 .M58 1990 
Common Market digest : an information guide to the European communities. ref HC 241.2 .O93 1984

European Union (EU)

The European Union encyclopedia and directory. < > ref HC 241.2 .E97 1999
Encyclopedia of the European Union ref JN 30 .E52 1998 
Eurostat yearbook ref HA 1107 .E89
European Union almanac ref  JN 27 .E92 1996 
Basic statistics of the European Union ref HA 1107 .S7
Trade policy review. European communities ref HF 1532.92 .T734
Gateway to the European Union
Delegation of the European Commission to the USA     


Sources in European political history (3 volumes). ref DZ 2000.C57 1987
Select documents of European history D 101 .L3 (located in 2 South)
Primary sources in European diplomacy, 1914-1945 ref DZ 2000 .M395 1987
World War II at sea : a bibliography of sources in English DZ 6207 .W8 S57
Documents for law and institutions in the Atlantic area ref JX 171 .S73 1967


European historical statistics, 1750-1970 HA 1107 .M5 1975 (2 South)
European historical statistics, 1750-1975 HA 1107 .M5 1981 (2 South)
International historical statistics, Europe, 1750-1988 ref HA 1107 .M5 1992
International historical statistics : Europe, 1750-1993  ref HA 1107 .M5 1998 
International historical statistics : Europe, 1750-2000 ref HA 1107 .M5 2003
Europa World Year book. ref D 2 .E87 (1989-current) Basic statistics of the community
     ref HA 1107 .S7 (1979, 1987-94)
Basic statistics of the European Union : comparison with the principal partners of the Union. 

     ref HA 1107 .S7 (1995-1996)
Statistics Europe : sources for social, economic and market research ref HAZ 7554 .E8 H35 1987