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Google Scholar Preferences

Explains how to change settings in Google Scholar to allow users with a SacLink username and password to access more full text via Google Scholar.

Debbie Metzger

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Debbie Metzger
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What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar works best if you are looking for something specific: citations or article titles work great.

Google Scholar promotes itself as a resource that provides one-stop shopping for scholarly literature. It searches across many disciplines and covers a wide variety of resources, including journal articles, theses, books, abstracts, and more. Although Google Scholar is aimed at the academic community, it uses a very broad definition of "scholarly literature." 

It is important to realize that not everything in Google Scholar is peer reviewed.

Try a Search:

Setting Preferences

Before you search Google Scholar, you must set preferences in the Settings menu. Once set, the Find It@SacState or View It@SacState link will appear connecting you to the articles (via the Library databases).

1. Go to Google Scholar -

2. Click on Settings

Google Scholar settings image

3. and then on Library Links

4. Type Sacramento State into the empty box and search for it.  Check the box for Sacramento State - View it @ Sac State and save.

5. Now the View it@Sac State link should appear in Google Scholar each time you run a search and the article is available. 

6. Example of citation with Library link:

6. By clicking on the View it you will be asked for your SacLink username and password and then you will be be given options for access.

7. Refer to Step 3 in Locating Articles:Online (full text) for more details on moving from the View it (or Find It)  to the article.