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Locating Articles: Online (full-text) or Print

2) When You Have a Citation [and are not in a database]

You should already have a citation[here is an example]

1. Type the name of the journal into the OneSearch box:

2. Find your journal and select the Online Access link:

2. Select one of the Full text available at: options. Be sure to match the year of the article you need with the years available online

3. Select a full text option, but be careful that the full text contains the year you need:

4. The link will do one of the following:

  • Open the article
  • Open an abstract of the article [from which you will need to look for the PDF or html of the complete article] click here for example
  • Display a table of contents for a journal.


5.Or you can try to searching  Google Scholar, be sure you have changed settings so the ViewIt@SacState link appears. It will link you back to the Library for full text access.