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Locating Articles: Online (full-text) or Print

1) When You are in a Database

1. When you are in a database, you will often see one of the screens below:
         [These are from EBSCO database; use the Database Examples tab above for different examples]

PDF image

2. If you see the PDF Full Text graphic, click on it and the article should open.

3.  If not, click on the Find It or View It@ SacState link:

Find It image

4. Which takes you to another screen of potential choices:

5. Click on one of the options after Full text available at: The link will do one of the following:

  • Open the article
  • Open an abstract of the article [from which you will need to look for the PDF or html of the complete article]
  • Display a table of contents for a journal

NOTE: This example is from an EBSCO Database....not all records will have this format. Go to the tab for Database Examples to find how it will appear in a specific database.