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Voting / Elections

Primpary / General elections, Presidential/Congressional Elections

United States Elections Project

Statistics of the presidential & congressional election (1920-2008)
(From the website of the Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives)
   America votes  ref  JK 1967 .A8 (v. 1 1956-- )
   Congressional Quarterly's Guide to U.S. Elections ref JK 1967. c662 2001 (2 vols)
         (includes presidential primary returns 1912-2000, key convention ballots 1835-2000,
           popular vote for president 1824-2000, electoral votes for president 1789-2000,
           congressional elections, and gubernatorial elections.)
Atlas of United States presidential elections, 1932-1996  ref JK 1967 .M55 1997
America at the polls : a handbook of American presidential election statistics, 1920-1964
Reference JK 1967 .G6
 America at the polls 2 : a handbook of American presidential election statistics, 1968-1984

            Ref JK 524.S22 1988
   A statistical history of the American presidential elections  ref JK 1967 .P4 1963 (1789-1960)
   Source book of American presidential campaign and election statistics, 1948-1968
Ref JK 524 .R83
   United States Congressional elections, 1788-1994   ref JK 1967 .D77 1998
   State and national voting in Federal elections, 1910-1970  ref JK 1965 .C59
   The Election data book : a statistical portrait of voting in America. ref  JK 1967 .E4 1992