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International Relations


         (Statistical publications on individual countries appear under ref HA 12-HA 175 and HA 741-HA 5000)

          International historical statistics : the Americas, 1750-1993 
ref  HA 175 .M55 1998 
          International historical statistics : Europe, 1750-1993  ref HA 1107 .M5 1998 
          International historical statistics : Africa, Asia & Oceania, 1750-1993  ref HA 4675 .M552 1998 
          African statistical yearbook  ref HA 1955 .U5 (1998)
          Asia-Pacific in figures.  ref HA 4551 .A853 1999 
          Political data handbook : OECD countries  ref HA 155 .P65 1997 
          Statistical yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean.   Ref HA 755 .A5  (1985--)
          World population projections to 2150  ref  HA 155 .W67 1998 
          The illustrated book of world rankings  ref HA 155 .K87 2001 
          Statistical yearbook = Annuaire statistique 
Ref HA 12.5 .U63 (1989-1998)
          United Nations. Demographic Yearbook. ref HB 881 .D4
          Yearbook of Labour Statistics. ref HD 4826 .I63
          Yearbook of National Accounts Statistics. ref HC 79 .I5 D9
          World Economic Outlook: a Survey by the Staff of the International Monetary Fund. ref HC 59 .W64
          UNESCO Statistical Yearbook. ref HA 40 .C8 U53
          World Military and Social Expenditures. ref HJ 7469 .S58
          World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers. Gov Docs AC 1.16:
          World Armaments and Disarmament: SIPRI Yearbook. ref UA 10 /S69a