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History: Medieval

Searching for Books

ONESEARCH is a catalog of items owned by the CSUS Library.  Books can be searched  by title, author, keyword and subject (Library of Congress Subject Headings).

Some suggested subjects for locating works on medieval history are:

  • Middle Ages  (is the subject heading rather than Medieval History)

Related Subjects:

  • Civilization, Medieval
  • Architecture, Medieval
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Europe History 392-814
  • Europe History 476-1492
  • Tenth century
  • Eleventh century
  • Twelfth century
  • Thirteenth century
  • Fourteenth century
  • Fifteenth century

Also, one can search for countries as a subject with the subheading history and then time periods that represent the medieval world, usually from the 5th to 16th century:

  • Great Britain History Anglo Saxon Period 449 1066
  • France History Capetians 987 1328
  • Spain History 711 1492

Use Advanced Keyword to search for books on topics such as:  

  • crusades
  • medieval and art (or poetry, literature, art, etc.)
  • plague or black death
  • middle ages and (towns or cities)
  • religion and (middle ages or medieval)


The book (monograph) is one of the most important avenues that historians use for communicating scholarly research. 

Use ONESEARCH to find historical research available at Sacramento State and other CSUs.

Use WORLDCAT & UC Davis' library catalog to locate material we don't own.

Searching for Books, Etc.

Keyword Searching:
  • Searches only for the words, not the concepts.
  • Is often the best search to do initially, until you know what the Subject terms are.
  • Can be used in conjunction with an outline to conceptualize a topic.
Subject Searching:
  • Searches the concept (as defined by the Library of Congress Subject Headings)
  • Is often better done when the keyword search isn't garnering material appropriate to the topic.
  • May take more work, but will yield better results than a keyword search.

  Other Catalogs

Other catalgos allow one to find material not owned by CSUS.

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