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EndNote X8/X9

Adding References to a Group

  1. Highlight reference(s) and drag and drop to the appropriate folder.

    If the drag and drop doesn't want to work for you try this alternative method:
  1. Highlight reference(s)
  2. Click on Groups from main menu, then Add References to...


Use your word processor tricks to select more than 1 reference:

Hold down the Shift key and drag to choose several references

Hold down the CTRL key and to highlight several references, not near each other.


The left pane of the library window lists groups of saved references.  These groups are used to organize the references in your library.

  1. Select Groups from the main menu and decide what kind of group you want to create
  • Group Sets [My Groups] help organize groups (the folders). Group sets can contain any combination of custom groups and smart groups.
  • Smart groups are built with search strategies. Smart groups are dynamically updated as you add references to and edit references in the library.

All References = everything in your Library

Imported References = a temporary group that is replaced each time you import (but remain in the Library)

Configure Sync.... = Syncronizes your desktop and online library

Unfiled = references that are in your Library, but not part of a group

Recently Added = recently added

Trash = references that have been deleted from your Library, but are still retrievable until you empty the Trash



Last Updated: Nov 25, 2019 12:35 PM