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Theatre Studies

University Library Collection

Theater is shelved within the greater literature subject area, and the call numbers generally begin with PN and are shelved on the third and fourth floors:

PA3050-4505 - Greek Literature

PA4413-4434 Sophocles

PN1530 The Monologue

PN1551 The Dialogue

PN1600-1989 Drama-Theatrical

PN1721 Medieval Drama

PN2000-3307 Dramatic Representation. The Theatre

PR621-739 History of English Literature. Drama

PR641 Medieval English Drama

PS330-352 History of American Literature. Drama

The books below are a sample from the University Library collection. If you have trouble locating what you need, please ask your librarian for help. 





Reference books are located on the second floor. If you have trouble locating them, please ask a librarian.