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Music Studies


Begin at the library website and choose Advanced Search under the OneSearch query box. 

Theory: Select what you would like to search for, select Subject in the first pull down menu, then type "music theoryin the query field. Click on Search. You can manage your results using the menu on the left. 

Vocal: Type "singing" in the first box and "instructionin the second box then click on Search. You can manage your results using the menu on the left. 

‚ÄčKeyboard: Type "piano music" into the first query box, use the pull down menu to choose OR instead of AND, then type "keyboard instrument music" into the second query box. You can use the menu at the left to manage your results. 

Instrumental: Below are listed a few items available in the Library.  Type "instrumental" in the first box and the "music" in the second box then click on Search.  Use the menu at the left to manage your results. 

Finding Books

Find books on the shelf using its identifying call number. Most music book call numbers begin with the letter M. Begin by finding the range in which your call number would be located. There are tags identifying the ranges on the end of the shelves. Then look on the books spine, its cover if it is thin, for the call number for your specific title, or browse the section by subject to discover something new. Please ask your librarian if you need assistance.


Call Number

Explore the library collection by call number. Call numbers for books on music begin with the letter M and are located on the third floor, reference books can be found on the second floor. If you have any questions about finding books or would like a book added to the collection, please ask your librarian. 

M1-5000                        Music

  • M5-1480             Instrumental Music
  • M20-39               Piano music
  • M1000-1075      Orchestra
  • M1254-
  • M1350-1366      Other ensembles
  • M1366                 Jazz ensembles
  • M1375-1429      Instrumental music for children
  • M1495-2199      Vocal Music
  • M1497-1998      Secular vocal music
  • M1999-2199      Sacred vocal music

ML1-3930                      Literature on music

  • ML47-54.8         Librettos. Texts. Scenarios
  • ML112-112.5     Music printing and publishing
  • ML1400-3275    Vocal music
  • ML3544-3776    Folk, national, and ethnic music
  • ML3795               Music as a profession

MT1-960                       Instruction and Study

  • MT5.5-7            Music theory
  • MT9-15             Printed pedagogical aids
  • MT40-67           Composition. Elements and techniques of music
  • MT85                 Conduction. Score reading and playing
  • MT155               Music theory for children
  • MT170-810       Instrumental techniques
  • MT180-252       Keyboard instruments
  • MT820-915       Singing and vocal techniques
  • MT955-956        Musical theater