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Indigenous Art

General Reference

General reference books on art can be found on the second floor and cannot be checked out. Circulating art books can be found on the third floor. The books below are a sample of the University Library collection. If you have any questions please contact your librarian. 

African Art

Art of the Americas

Asian Art

Finding Books

Find books on the shelf using its identifying call number. Most art book call numbers begin with th letter N. Begin by finding the range in which your call number would be located. There are tags identifying the ranges on the end of the shelves. Then look on the books spine, its cover if it is thin, for the call number for your specific title, or browse the section by subject to discover something new. Please ask your librarian if you need assistance.


Oceanic Art

Call Numbers

Explore the library collection by call number. Call numbers for books on art begin with the letter N and are located on the third floor, reference books can be found on the second floor. If you have any questions about finding books, please ask your librarian. 

  • N                                  Visual Arts
  • N 5300-7418                History
  • NA                               Architecture
  • NA 190-1555.5             History
  • NA 4170-(7020)            Public buildings
  • NA 4590-5621              Religious architecture
  • NA 7100-7884              Domestic architecture. Houses. Dwellings
  • NB                              Sculpture
  • NB 60-1115                   History, Including collective bibliography
  • NC                              Drawing, Design. Illustration
  • NC 50-266                    History of Drawing
  • ND                              Painting
  • ND 49-813                  History
  • NE                             Print Media
  • NE 400-773                History of printmaking
  • NE 1030-1196.3        History (wood)
  • NE 1634-1749           History (metal)
  • NE 1980-2055.5        History (etching)
  • NK                              Decorative arts
  • NK 1175-(1498)            History
  • NX                              Arts in general
  • NX 440-632               History of the arts