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Instructions and tips just for iPad users!

Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader is a reading application for ePUB and PDF content, including e-books from most online book stores and leading libraries around the world. Bluefire Reader includes support for e-books protected by Adobe® Content Server.

Bluefire Reader Support Site:

Bluefire Reader from iTunes (free download)

Bluefire Reader app


An Adobe ID is a user account that gives you access to all Adobe-owned services and web domains including access to the Bluefire Reader and the ebrary Reader. An Adobe ID is identified by a username (your e-mail address) and a password.

Create an Adobe ID:

  1. Here:
  2. Click “Create an account”
  3. Fill in the appropriate  information.
  4. Click “OK.”

Download EBSCO Ebooks

1. Create an Adobe ID

2. Download Blue Fire app from iTunes.

2. Search the eBook Collection for books on your topic.

4. Create MyEBSCO account (Click "Sign In" then "Create a New Account"). Create account first time only, subsequently, click "Sign In."

5. Download book to Blue Fire. Select checkout duration from one - seven days.

Book will be returned at end of checkout period but no later than seven days.

Instructions for Downloading eBooks from OneSearch

On an iPad:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Go to OneSearch.
  3. On the Advanced Search page, fill in the appropriate information (keyword, title, author, etc.) and click "Search."
  4. Under the facet "Show Only" click "Full Text Online." 
  5. Under the facet "Refine My Results" click "Books."
  6. Click "online access" link under the title of the book you want to read.
  7. Sign In with a SacLink Username and Password.
  8. Click "Login through your Library."
  9. Select "Read Online."
  10. Select "Download" and select a format (PDF) or (ePub).
  11. Select Download. 

Cloudshelf Reader

Cloudshelf Reader is the new EPUB 3 reading app from Bluefire Productions, the creator of Bluefire Reader. Based on the Readium Open Source project, Cloudshelf Reader is a full-featured ebook reading app that makes reading EPUB 3 content a great experience. Cloudshelf Reader allows you to read, navigate, bookmark, highlight text, take notes and even draw on the pages of your ebooks.

Cloudshelf Reader from iTunes (free download)

Cloudshelf Reader app