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Disability Studies

Mobile Devices and Sac State Library Databases

Many of our library's databases automatically detect when a user is using a mobile device.

To Start

  1. Use the browser on your mobile device to navigate to
  2. Select the Database & Article Searching link
  3. You can browse by database name using the A-Z links or select a database by subject
  4. The name of the database is followed by the name of the resource provider, enclosed in parentheses

Below are some of Sac State University's database resources that auto-detect when a searcher is using a mobile device.

Image of EBSCOhost app  EBSCOhost automatically detect when users are using smartphones and tablets to search its databases. Users on smartphones and tablets are then redirected to the EBSCOhost mobile site. However, iPads are still redirected to the full site.

EBSCOhost offers a helpsheet (pdf) to assist users search on mobile devices.

Some examples of EBSCOhost databases available through Sac State University Library: Academic Search Complete, Art Full Text, Business Source Complete, Education Full Text, Historical Abstracts, Social Science Full Text, SPORTDiscus with Full Text. For a full listing of all the databases we have available, including those that are provided through the EBSCOhost interface, please visit the Database & Article Searching page.

Image of JSTOR app  JSTOR automatically detects and adjusts to the screen using the resource. Mobile device users do not need to use a separate app. When a user goes to JSTOR through Sac State University's Database & Article Searching page with a smartphone or tablet, JSTOR will adjust to the screen size to make searching and reading easier.

Image of ProQuest app ProQuest databases are also optimized to fit the smartphone screen, so Sac State University Library users do not have to use a separate app to use ProQuest databases. ProQuest does recommend using the full site view when using a tablet or iPad. Some examples of popular ProQuest databases are ABI/INFORM Complete, Ethnic NewsWatch, GenderWatch, ProQuest Newsstand, Sociological Abstracts. Please refer to Sac State University Library's Database & Article Searching page to see all the database sources we have available.

Image of Films on Demand serviceFilms on Demand provides streaming film resources that are high quality and educational. These can be viewed directly on a mobile device. However, not all are supported. Mobile playback is supported in iOS v7.x and later, Android v4.x and later, and mobile devices that enable browsing using HTML 5. For more information, please visit the Films on Demand's Support Center page Mobile Devices Supported. Not all films are closed captioned. 

image of WorldCat MobileWorldCat mobile allows users to search OCLC member library holdings. No need to download an app. Use a smartphone or tablet browser to use WorldCat Mobile Web Beta.


Closed Captioning 

The individual videos available through Films on Demand, whether the user is using a mobile device or a full desktop version one, are not all closed captioned. A user will need to search for closed captioned videos in order to select and view them.

To find videos with closed captions in the mobile or desktop view:

  1. Select Advanced SearchIn the mobile view, this link is located in the footer. In the desktop or full view, this link is located under the search box.
  2. Scroll to the Advanced Filters category.
  3. Check the box Image stating show only CC programs.
  4. Enter a search term or select other filters to refine the search.
  5. Select the Search button in order to activate the search.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) Functions

The mobile view of the Sac State University Library resources only enables searching, viewing, and downloading of information resources. Assistive functions, such as text-to-speech and resizing of text, are not included in these mobile view features. Users need to install and activate other applications on their mobile devices to ensure accessible use of the mobile view of database resources from Sac State University Library.

Mobile Apps for Research & Reading eBooks

Below are some reading apps that work with our downloadable eBooks. Installation, searching, getting, and reading eBooks, and acessibility features are highlighted.

Image of the Bluefire Reader mobile appBlueFire Reader

Installation: After downloading BlueFire Reader from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, authorization of the device is needed to download and read CSUS eBooks. Use Adobe ID (email address) and password.

Searching, Getting, Reading eBooks: 

  • Use a browser on the mobile device to search for eBooks in Sac State University Library's OneSearch catalog. 
  • Download the book by following prompts. Select Read Now to read the newly downloaded eBook.
  • Select Go To Library to see eBook in the BlueFire Reader library. A number on the bottom right corner of the book cover image indicates how long the book will remain in the BlueFire Reader library.

Accessibility: Features mentioned below are for books found at Sac State University Library and other eBook sources.

  • Supports both pdf and ePUB books that have Adobe DRM technology.
  • Brightness control -- adjustable lighting.
  • Adjustable font size for ePUB eBooks only.
  • Adjustable brightness.

Image of Bookari eReader appBookari


  • Download the Bookari app from Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.
  • Access the Settings menu from the Menu option on the upper left of the Home screen.
  • Select Activate This Device, then Add Account.
  • Sign in with your Adobe ID (email address) and password. You are now ready to search, get, and read eBooks with Bookari. 

Searching, Getting, Reading eBooks: 

  • Select Add icon at the bottom of screen, then select Stores.
  • Select Add Store. Type in name of store and URL. To connect to the Sac State University Library holdings, enter for the URL.
  • Select Sac State University Library to search for eBooks. You will be directed to Sac State's OneSearch.
  • To access an eBook you have selected, you will be asked to enter your SacLink username and password.
  • Some books can not be downloaded, books that can be downloaded or imported into Bookari will appear in the home screen, showing a number indicating how long it will remain in the reader.

Accessibility: Bookari's accessibility features are readily available on books that have been downloaded.

  • Works with ePUB2, ePUB3, and pdf eBooks with Adobe DRM technology.
  • Adustable features -- font, font size, brightness, line height, margins, background color.
  • Enables bookmarking, annotations, customization of navigation.
  • Enabled with customizable lexicons that allow for adding words.
  • Enabled with customizable text-to-speech technology, allowing changes in pitch, speed, and volume.
  • Enabled with voice synthesis underlining while reading.


EBSCOhost eBooks appEBSCOhost eBooks

EBSCOhost eBook app quick user guide


  • Download the EBSCOhost eBook app from the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.
  • Select Authorize to allow EBSCOhost to lend eBooks to your device.
  • Select Find Books icon and locate Sac State University Library: Select United States, California, Cal State Univ Sacramento.
  • Enter SacLink username and password.

 Searching, Getting, Reading eBooks: 

  • 2 ways to find eBooks: browsing through categories and searching using the search box
  • Once a title has been selected, click the Download (Offline) button.
  • Enter EBSCOhost eBook username and password or create a new account.
  • Select check out period desired, then click Checkout & Download button.
  • A dialog box should appear, indicating that the download has been completed. Click Read Now or Find More.
  • To read an eBook without the dialog box, select the Read Now icon located at the bottom of the screen. This will bring you to the latest downloaded book.
  • To see the books you have on your mobile device, select Bookshelf.
  • The number of days the eBook will remain on your device is indicated on the lower right corner of the book cover image.

 Accessibility: App accessibility features are optimized for EBSCOhost eBooks. The EBSCOhost eBooks is powered by BlueFire Reader.

  • Works with both pdf and ePUB books that have Adobe DRM technology.
  • Adjustable font size for ePUB books only.
  • Adjustable brightness.