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Dance Studies

University Library Collection

The titles listed below are a sample from the University Library collection. Most dance books are located on the second floor. If there is a book you would like us to add to the Library's collection, please contact your librarian.

Finding Books

Find books on the shelf using its identifying call number. Most dance book numbers begin with th letters GV. Begin by finding the range in which your call number would be located. There are tags identifying the ranges on the end of the shelves. Then look on the books spine, its cover if it is thin, for the call number for your specific title, or browse the section. Please ask your librarian if you need assistance.


Call Numbers

Explore the second floor library shelves for books on dance using the list of call numbers below:

  • GV 1585 - Dictionaries, encyclopedias
  • GV 1588 - Philosophy (and theory)
  • GV 1589- Study and teaching
  • GV 1590-GV 1594 - General works
  • GV 1595 - Special aspects of the subject as a whole
  • GV 1597 - Dancing as a profession
  • GV 1600 - Dance criticism, appreciation
  • GV 1645-GV 1728 - Dance history (and historical dance)
  • GV 1743 - National dances. Folk dances and dancing (General)
  • GV 1746-GV 1771 - Social dancing. Ballroom dancing
  • GV 1781-GV 1795 - Theatrical dancing (Biography: GV 1785)
  • GV 1796 -GV 1799 Special dances.
  • M 1450 - Dance music